Overcoming Coughing To Insomnia In Infants Aged 6 Months?

Ass I want to ask. Initially my baby sneezed, more often accompanied by cough immediately. It seems like the cough is itchy in the throat and this is very disturbing.

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 Coughing is a spontaneous reaction of the airway which actually has a protective effect, especially to clean the airway of foreign objects and the airway's response to viral infections and bacterial infections.
 Some causes of coughing in infants or children include:

 Viral infections that attack the upper respiratory tract (ARI), bronchiolitis, bronchitis Bacterial infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis And tuberculosis Cough due to allergies The baby's immune system is not yet fully developed, so it is easy to get infections, especially respiratory infections that are transmitted from the air in the surrounding environment baby.

Both viral and bacterial infections in the respiratory tract will cause an increase in mucus channeled by the breath. Mucus or phlegm is what is trying to be removed when coughing in the form of thick or thin. The presence of this mucus raises the natural response of the airways to release it by giving high pressure in the form of cough. Inflammation in the respiratory tract due to infection can also trigger cough reflexes. This is like what happens to your baby.
 Unfortunately, the baby's reflexes are not perfect, so often the baby will hear a heavy breathing sound (impressed like difficulty breathing) and tends to cause a cough accompanied by vomiting. In addition to coughing, babies will also feel uncomfortable due to a viral infection. Nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, body discomfort, headache is a condition that makes babies often fussy and difficult to sleep.

Coughing is generally caused by a viral infection whose healing is influenced by the baby's own immune system and keeps the baby from exposure to the environment that is vulnerable to infecting. So you do not need to worry about the possibility of other diseases if you do not find other significant symptoms such as difficulty in breathing / shortness of breath which is characterized by an increase in the frequency of breath (more than 50 times per minute), the tip of the feet, hands and lips turn blue, the baby is not actively breastfeeding, fever over 39 degrees continuously, babies are often fussy, convulsions to stiff body.

Generally a cough accompanied by a cold due to a viral infection will heal by itself in approximately 2 weeks. If the cough does not heal, it needs to be re-evaluated whether the closest person also has similar symptoms, such as family, neighbors, playmates or guests who come home and touch the baby without knowing that they have a cough or cold virus. This certainly increases the risk of contracting the virus and causing the baby to not heal. Lack of maintaining environmental hygiene and infant nutritional status also affects the health condition of babies.

To help reduce coughing complaints for your baby, often give fluids to babies such as breast milk or formula to help relieve coughing and thin the phlegm. Breast milk is also rich in nutrients and can help increase the baby's immune system. Elevate the baby's head position while sleeping or while breastfeeding. Adjust the humidity and temperature of the bedroom so it is not too cold and hot. Don't panic when the baby coughs hard to throw up. In addition, avoid babies from exposure to unclean environments, cigarettes, or people who suffer from cough colds or other infectious diseases.

Better be careful in giving medicines. Infection, which is suspected to be caused by a virus, does not require antibiotics. Improper administration of antibiotics can harm the baby's condition. Consult further with the nearest doctor or pediatrician related to the use of drugs in infants under 1 year.

If the symptoms are getting worse which is marked by a high fever baby, continuous vomiting, shortness of breath which is marked by an increase in the frequency of breathing (more than 50 times), do not want to suckle, fatigue, convulsions and babies tend to sleep often, then you should immediately consult a specialist doctor children to get a direct examination and evaluation and consideration of appropriate therapy.
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