Overcoming Diarrhea After Eating Durian?

Illustration of Overcoming Diarrhea After Eating Durian?
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Ali doctor, Is eating durian can cause diarrhea, coincidentally yesterday, eating durian was rather a lot on an empty stomach …. What is the medicine for stopping diarrhea?

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Hello Hasan,

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Durian is a type of fruit that contains many calories. Therefore consume durian should not be too excessive. The portion of the meal for each person around 100-200 grams only. Because in 100 grams of durian contains 150 calories including 5.3 grams of fat, 98 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of protein. The vitamins contained in durian are B6, potassium and vitamin A.

There are several benefits of consuming durian, namely: to increase energy, muscle strength, smooth bowel movements, increase the formation of red blood cells and increase immune system.

But there are some side effects if you consume too much durian: an increase in blood sugar levels, cause obesity, accelerate the work of the heart, pancreatic disorders, increase stomach acid. If you consume durian on an empty stomach it will cause an increase in excess stomach acid so that you will feel heat in the stomach and can cause diarrhea.

Treatment for diarrhea can be given anti-diarrhea medication that can be given at the pharmacy, or you can do several things to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea:

 Consume a lot of water, at least 8 glasses, do not consume spicy foods, coffee, noodles and sour consumption of low fiber foods, such as: rice, potatoes, bananas, biscuits. If within 48 hours there is no change, then you can think of yourself to the doctor for further physical examination.

May be useful. Always Healthy ­čśŐ

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