Overcoming Diarrhea In Children Aged 2 Years When Trying To Consume Formula Milk?

Illustration of Overcoming Diarrhea In Children Aged 2 Years When Trying To Consume Formula Milk?
Illustration: Overcoming Diarrhea In Children Aged 2 Years When Trying To Consume Formula Milk? drstevesilvestro.com

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When the age of the child is approaching 2 years, the mother is encouraged to start weaning so that she can learn more independently and also to consume variations of food and drinks other than breast milk that contain nutritional value according to her age needs. However, this weaning process, as long as your child has no appetite constraints or growth and development, should not have to do with changing breast milk to formula milk. In fact, improper formula feeding can make a child become diarrhea, constipation, bloating, colic, nausea, vomiting, or experience other health problems. So, even if you want to give your child formula milk, ideally you should first check your child at the doctor or pediatrician so that the right type of formula is selected according to the conditions.

The condition of your child who has diarrhea after consuming formula milk, in addition because of inappropriate milk, may also be caused by other factors, such as digestive infections, allergies or food malabsorption, poisoning, intestinal inflammation, or other medical disorders.

If the frequency of CHAPTER your child is still around 3 times a day, you should not panic first. Try to overcome the condition by:

 Focus on giving him more milk and water Give him also MPASI which is soft, easy to digest, does not contain much gas, especially spicy Make sure you make sure the food and drinks your child consumes are clean and perfectly cooked Don't get used to giving children instant or preservative food Don't panic , let alone give any medicine to children Wean children with love, give them continuous understanding, reduce the frequency of breastfeeding children slowly, do not replace the nipples with pacifiers or pacifiers, and regularly feed children and drink so they are not hungry and want to suckle. However, if children CHAPTER very often (up to more than 5 times a day), or appearing blood and mucus in their feces, fever, colic, vomiting, and other more severe complaints, it is better to check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be treated more continue ...

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