Overcoming Difficult Erections In Diabetics At A Young Age

Illustration of Overcoming Difficult Erections In Diabetics At A Young Age
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How to maximize erections for diabetics? I am 25 years old already convicted dm type 1 age 18 years old. Now married, can get an erection but sometimes it doesn’t last long. Can you recommend a solution or medication to support? Thank you

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Hello Aditya,

Thank you for the question.

People with diabetes, especially those who are not well controlled by their blood sugar, often have problems when erect due to nerve function and blood vessels that are less than optimal. Not only that, erectile disorders as you experience can also occur due to the influence of stress, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, lazy exercise, side effects of drugs, smoking or consuming alcohol, as well as various other diseases, including heart disease, metabolic disorders, pelvic nerve injury, stroke, and so on.

The right step you must take to overcome this condition is to control your diabetes properly, namely through regular check-ups to the doctor or doctor of the disease according to the recommended schedule. Also adjust your diet, such as by eating more vegetables, whole grains, fruits, drinking water, and avoiding the consumption of foods and drinks that contain simple glucose, saturated fat, trans fat, and high cholesterol. Do not forget, you also need to exercise discipline (at least 30 minutes every day), sleep early and regularly, maintain your ideal body weight, manage your stress and emotions well, avoid masturbation habits, and be loyal to your partner (don't do sex free).

Furthermore, if you have done a series of efforts above, and your complaints still have not improved, do not just take medication carelessly. Safer, check yourself directly to the nearest doctor or doctor andrology. However, it needs to be understood, considering that currently the COVID-19 outbreak is sweeping our country, a doctor's examination for non-emergency cases (including yours), should be postponed first while waiting for the plague to die down.

Hope this helps ...

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