Overcoming Dry Lips?

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Hello, I want to ask about exfoliating lips, right? It’s important to exfoliate dead skin cells, so if you exfoliate 3 times a day, how about it? Is it dangerous? Because my lips are often dry and peeling. Ask for an answer, thank you😊

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Hi Sibia,

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Normally, the skin (including the lips) will regenerate every 28 days. This regeneration process is characterized by peeling skin which is then replaced by new skin cells. Regeneration is a process that runs naturally, so there is no need to be triggered or stimulated in a certain way.

Dry and peeling lips can result from the following factors:

Exposure to cold, dry, or windy weather Excessive exposure to sunlight Forcibly licking, sucking, or peeling the skin of the lips Dehydration (lack of fluids) Malnutrition, especially vitamin C deficiency Cheilitis (inflammation of the lips, for example due to the use of inappropriate cosmetics or toothpaste right) Infection, for example due to fungi, viruses, bacteria Seborrheic dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation that causes scaly skin such as dandruff) Psoriasis (chronic skin inflammation that causes the skin to thicken and then peel off due to autoimmune disorders), etc. The danger or not the condition you experience is of course depending on the underlying cause. Therefore, try to see your doctor directly so that the best treatment can be done.

In the meantime, you should not force the dry lips to exfoliate. Also avoid the habit of licking or sucking lips. Protect your lips from exposure to cold, dry, windy weather, as well as excessive sunlight. Use lip balms and cosmetics that contain moisturizers around the lips. Avoid smoking and breathing through the mouth. Drink more, and also eat foods that contain high vitamin C.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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