Overcoming Erectile Penile Penis Due To Addiction To Pornographic Films?

Illustration of Overcoming Erectile Penile Penis Due To Addiction To Pornographic Films?
Illustration: Overcoming Erectile Penile Penis Due To Addiction To Pornographic Films? dpr-korea.com

I am an 18 year old teenager .. I am restless with my complaints. I have a habit of masturbating from class 1 junior by using pornographic films once a day sometimes once every 2 days, stopping a few weeks and starting again. there was no erection response. But I tried fishing with dirty thoughts and touched the maximum I managed an erection 2 times the maximum erection. But I felt hard to get an erection … This is what I hit DE what the sensitivity of my penis decreased doc. I have to do. Please answer

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Hello Dimas Anggara, thank you for your trust in HealthReplies.com.

Erectile dysfunction or also known as impotence is a condition that can be experienced by men, where there is an inability to start or maintain an erection. Erection itself normally can occur due to dilation of blood vessels in the penis when men experience sexual stimulation.

Erectile dysfunction can be experienced by all men, but certain age and accompanying conditions / conditions can increase the risk of men experiencing this disorder. Normal erectile dysfunction is more common in older men (the risk of erectile disorders increases by about 18% of men aged 50-59 years). In addition, the following are some other causes that can cause erectile dysfunction:

Diabetes mellitus Hypertension / high blood pressure Other diseases such as nervous system disorders in stroke or due to the influence of certain drugs Psychological disorders, for example stress, anxiety disorders, or depression, sexual boredom Smoking, consumption of alcohol in large amounts Fatigue and so on At age young like you, the incidence of erectile dysfunction is rarely found. However, from research, men can generally experience a one-time occurrence of erectile disorders due to psychological disorders. The habit of masturbation which is considered as the cause of erectile dysfunction is still said to be a myth, because the habit is not directly related to the incidence of erectile dysfunction. The relationship that can occur is that masturbation is too often can cause psychological disorders in a person, where the person can experience anxiety to depression. This psychological disorder causes erectile dysfunction. In addition, other possible causes are fatigue or can be caused by sexual boredom (feeling bored or not in the mood for such activity). For the sensitivity of the penis itself is related to your nervous system. If the nervous system runs well, there should not be any problems with the erection process.

In the meantime, keep your body fit by:

Expand the consumption of vegetables and fruit, and keep your diet Consumption of at least 8 glasses of water per day Avoid / stop smoking Exercise regularly, at least 3-5 times / week with a minimum duration of 30 minutes Manage stress properly Avoid masturbation activities that are too often, because this activity can interfere with your psychological condition and even your relationships with people around. Fill your day with positive activities, for example participating in activities / social groups, running your other positive hobbies, and avoid being in situations that can support you to masturbate (eg in a room alone, etc.) If you are still worried, you can check your condition to the doctor. The doctor will conduct further questions and answers regarding your complaint and conduct a complete physical examination to rule out possible causes from your physical.

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That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you are always healthy.


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