Overcoming Excessive Imagination In Men Aged 20 Years?

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Hello, let’s just call my name Al, I’m a girl under 20 years old and I often experience something called over-imagination. R nI build other characters in myself when I’m alone. For example, right now I’m “fangirl” with singer A, she makes sad songs, I cry too for no good reason. I’ve been accompanied by my character for 4 years and I can’t “let go” the character. And this character of mine can only appear when alone, I fantasized about this, imagining my character with this person. I am a quieter person since graduating from elementary school and my fantasies about “character” have become more frequent. And to be honest, I’m more “happy” with the character of my imagination than myself. I also prefer to be alone rather than with other people. The sensation of fantasizing is also just “delusional” not until what I see as what I see as I imagine. I’m still quite aware of reality. Until one day I was idly typing on google about exaggerated delusion, and if I’m not mistaken the name was schizophrenia. I am afraid if I have this disease, yet I also do not have the courage to talk about things like this with friends, let alone family. R nPlease help,. R nXoXo

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Hi Al, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Basically fantasizing is human, even many extraordinary and innovative things in this world come from one's fantasies. Imagination can be productive, for example poured into art such as song, painting, or writing.

If only referring to Al's story, Al can still distinguish which one is fantasy and reality. So, it seems that the direction towards schizophrenia is quite far. Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that causes sufferers to hallucinate, have delusions / delusions, and have chaotic behavior. People who have schizophrenia are usually not aware that they have this disease. (For details, read Schizophrenia)

Hallucinations are also different from imagination / delusion. Imagination is the ability to imagine ideas, images, or sensations in the mind without stimulation to certain senses, such as hearing, sight, smell, touch. While hallucinations are perceptual disturbances in which you see, hear, smell something without any real stimulation. For example, seeing or hearing something that is not there. Hallucinations can be caused by mental disorders such as schizophrenia, acute psychotic disorders, and other mental disorders. But it could also be due to drug effects, brain disorders, or other organic disorders.

Al's complaint needs further evaluation. You don't need to be afraid to tell your family about it, especially if Al feels something is wrong with Al and interferes with Al's daily activities and interactions. Al can ask to be escorted to a consultation with a psychiatrist so that he can be examined. Not necessarily Al has mental disorders, this could be normal and Al only needs assistance / counseling.

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Keep the spirit Okay,

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