Overcoming Facial Acne Prone Skin Due To Cream?

Illustration of Overcoming Facial Acne Prone Skin Due To Cream?
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, I Ratih I was 13 years old (2 junior high school), I used to curse wardah cream because my face was slightly pimpled, but the reaction was long, then I switched to ZAM ZAM cream but I was in doubt with zam zam cream because there was no BPOM, but all testimonials from zam zam face have proven to be able to get rid of pimples and whiten the face, and zam zam cream is also not included in the composition, is it dependency or not ?? then if I go back to the wardah that has BPOM and has been proven safe is that okay?

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Hello Dksoo,

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Unfortunately, so far, there is no accurate source that explains the composition of the cream you mentioned. Therefore, we are not authorized to assess its safety for your use.

Acne prone skin care should not be done haphazardly. Because, mistakenly, the use of skin care products that are not right it can actually aggravate your acne. It could also, skin care products that are not right will trigger allergies, irritation, and other health problems.

Assessing the safety of a skin care product needs to be considered with several factors, including:

Product composition
The nature of the product, including its consistency, color, aroma
Expiration date
The designation of the product, for example for sensitive, dry or oily skin types, and so on

Even though it has been registered with BPOM, it does not always mean that a product is suitable for you to use. Because, the skin condition of each person can be very different. Therefore, the treatment is also different.

You need to have your skin condition checked by a doctor or a skin specialist in order to choose the best type of treatment. To deal with acne, your doctor can give you creams, ointments, or special medicines, as well as perform several other treatment procedures, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and so on. At home, you also need to do the following trick:

Wash your face regularly 2 times a day with mild cleansing soap tailored to your skin type
Do not solve or exfoliate acne that has not healed completely
Do not hold face skin with dirty hands
Do not rub excessive facial skin
Before your activity, always use sunscreen and moisturizer
Be more diligent in eating fruits and vegetables, and drink water
Don't sleep too late at night
Don't stress too much

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