Overcoming Facial Purging Due To Using A Milk Mask?

I want to ask, some days later I just tried a natural mask with milk (bear brand), then a few blackheads appeared like the purging process … Then what should I do before the process happened? How long does it take to process the purging?

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Purging is a condition of facial skin that appears to be small spots after using new facial care products that contain substances that are exfoliative. This substance causes periodic exfoliation so that small pimples appear under the skin to peel. The substances that have exfoliating properties are retinod, AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid), BHA (beta hydroxy acid), glycolic acid, salicylic acid, sulfur. Do you have any of these facial care products in them?
If not, it is possible that the small spots on your face are caused by contact dermatitis, which is a skin disease caused by exposure to substances that can irritate or cause allergic reactions on exposed skin. Small spots due to this condition will appear red and painful or itchy. This is what distinguishes from purging, where purging is only in the form of small spots without any other complaints.
If the spots you are complaining about are purging, you can reduce the dose or frequency of use first until the facial skin improves. Meanwhile, if there are signs of inflammation in these spots, you should stop using. If after being stopped the complaint gets worse, immediately consult a dermatologist.
You should avoid scratching spots very well. If itching, compress with ice to relieve the symptoms of itching. Always make sure the nails are short and clean. And Avoid rubbing the face hard or rough.
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