Overcoming Fatigue In Young Pregnant Women?

Hello, I am 23 years old and I am pregnant with my 2nd child, 16 weeks pregnant. I was washing clothes yesterday while holding up a bucket of water for washing. I have to wash because my husband works (because my husband usually does the washing). After I finished washing my body, I immediately felt sore. Immediately in the afternoon his neck was stiff, and symptoms such as going to a cold, headaches. But the body temperature is not that high. Is there any natural way to get rid of this pain naturally? because honestly I like to take chemical drugs. Because I have included various vitamins from my midwife. thanks.

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Pregnant women should not consume too many drugs carelessly because they fear the effects that might arise from drug use on the fetus currently in the womb.

Influenza or other viral diseases do tend to occur in people with weak immune systems. And in this condition of pregnancy also affects the immune system and it is rather difficult to choose a drug that suits your current condition.

Some suggestions that you can do at this time are:

Adequate rest, especially sleep at night. Fulfill the nutritional needs of pregnant women in a balanced manner Avoid consuming cold food and drinks If you have complaints of fever and cough with phlegm or runny nose, then you should first check with your doctor for any necessary treatment adjustments. convey. May be useful

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