Overcoming Fear Of Taking Medication On A Prolonged Basis?

Illustration of Overcoming Fear Of Taking Medication On A Prolonged Basis?
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, I am a woman aged 25 years I have been on MDR TB treatment for 5 months to 6 months physically I experienced everything the doctor said before starting treatment such as nausea, vomiting, joint pain until difficulty walking, ringing ears to depression. From the start of the treatment I could not sleep, I only slept at dawn until noon. Everyone turned around. I am passionate about taking medicine as hard as I can. in various ways so that the medicine does not come out again. I try my best to be able to. Until I got scared. Afraid of the forms of drugs, drug advertisements are all about drugs. I was also afraid of the time I was afraid that it would be like this late if I didn’t eat it would be like this. In my mind, I just want to recover no matter what. I have eaten the food that I like, watched or done things that are reasonably healthy people. I try my hardest as if I don’t get sick, don’t be afraid that the drug is only medicine, it’s only a short time to finish it. I try my hardest, suggesting myself who is good and strong trying to be closer to God, eating everything appropriately. But I was more and more scared, the more my thoughts were unfocused, it was difficult to express my thoughts, I could only cry just cried all the time. I try hard to accept everything to strengthen myself for the sake of mom and those closest to me. But I am like this

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. We are sorry about your condition. We've also seen your previous questions that have been answered by our colleagues. Before continuing, what we want to say is that you've done a pretty good job. With all the physical and mental hindrances that you feel, you have tried to fight everything in order to undergo the treatment that your doctor has prescribed for the people closest to you. To be like that is not easy and we really appreciate what you have done.

Then, underline what our colleagues have said in your previous question, that physical illness cannot be separated from mental illness. There are so many diseases, which generally require long treatment, such as for example HIV / AIDS, cancer, diseases of the immune system that have not found a cure, paralysis or disabilities, which are much more severe and take longer than MDR TB, making sufferers also more or less involved are affected by mental or psychological conditions.

That is why the recommendation, which you have also done, is to involve a psychiatrist in your treatment. Although perhaps what you feel right now is that you are feeling more and more terrified and your thoughts are less focused, at least make sure that you are taking the right steps.

Next try to be true to yourself. Don't deny the fact that you are sick and need treatment, don't deny the fact that you may be afraid of the complications that could arise if you don't get well soon, but accept them all, and make sure that you are not alone in dealing with these things. Often what happens is a person can still do everything a healthy person should, but there is no peace in his heart because he continues to reject that fact. In his heart there is a fear of bad things that could happen, in his heart there may still be a sense of displeasure why he should experience this. By being honest with yourself, surrendering and accepting the broadest possible situation, you will feel better.

In addition, if you are truly depressed, your psychiatrist will prescribe you an antidepressant. Take the drug and control it regularly, and tell me what progress you have felt from between each meeting. Instead of repeating the bad things that happened to you over and over, try to start remembering any good things that happened to your life. Hopefully you can feel better and get better soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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