Overcoming Fever Up And Down, Diarrhea, And Vomiting In Infants

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, my baby 18 months already 3 days his body limp, fever occasionally, diarrhea and vomiting every time given medicine or food. Yesterday was treated, but apparently the medicine was not effective. Still weak baby. How to handle it? Do you have to get treatment again?

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Hello Melinda,

Thank you for the question.

Up and down fever, diarrhea, and vomiting in infants most often indicate that the digestive tract is infected, such as a virus, bacteria, or also a parasite. It could also, these complaints arise due to lactose intolerance, intestinal inflammation, poisoning, drug side effects, metabolic disorders, infections in other organ systems, immune disorders, even certain benign or malignant tumors. As a result of diarrhea and vomiting, babies can become dehydrated and lose a lot of electrolytes, so it will obviously become weak.

This condition, if it has been examined and treated by a doctor, but has not improved significantly, should be checked again by a doctor or pediatrician. If necessary, the doctor will recommend that blood, urine, feces, ultrasound, and other tests be carried out. Maybe, the doctor will direct your baby to be hospitalized if the condition is suspected to be quite risky to be treated at home.

In the meantime, the following handling steps you can take:

Feed your baby often, and also give him lots to drink
Give your baby MPASI a little but often, not too full so as not to vomit
Let your child eat a lot of favorite snacks, which are important to be perfectly cooked, not preserved, and also do not contain excessive flavoring
Keep the environment around the child clean
Increase physical contact with your child
Wash your child clean, and also wash their hands diligently and shorten their nails
Do not carelessly give children drugs without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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