Overcoming Fever Up And Down In Children Accompanied By Flu?

, my child 15 months already 7hrs this high fever continues, could be up to 39 u0026deg; c had to see a doctor at day 4 and check the blood results of all normal and said hny ordinary flu virus. Paracetamol is given sometimes down sometimes does not work, had subsided in the morning td but started the night of high fever again. What should I do? What kind of pain?

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Hello Agung,

Fever is very much the cause, for example infection, exposure to room temperature that is too hot, or after immunization. Fever that is more than 3 days needs to be watched out for dengue fever, typhus, malaria, or tuberculosis. To make sure it requires a direct examination including one of them blood tests like those already done on your child.

Does your child get medication? Considering your child has seen a doctor on day 4 of fever and now is day 7 but still has fever, I suggest that you check your child back to the pediatrician so that you can re-evaluate the results of further treatment and if necessary can be done repeat blood tests and urine tests to ensure current condition. Furthermore, your child can be given a more optimal follow-up treatment.

While waiting to see your doctor, you can do the following tips:

 Let the child get enough rest Give the child more milk if still breast milk Sufficient fluid needs of the child Give the child healthier food Set room temperature to be more comfortable Give the child thinner clothes Avoid giving a jacket or thick blanket to the child Hopefully it can help you,

Thank you

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