Overcoming Food Allergies That Never Heal?

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Afternoon, I am 35 years old. I have been suffering from facial allergies for 7 years, for example after eating fish, meat or shrimp allergies are increasingly becoming like pimples that runny and my skin feels hot. For 7 years I used elox ointment. My face has a lot of black spots because of the mark. What I want to ask is what medicine should I buy to cure my illness. During this time all I could eat was vegetables, tofu and tempeh. if I eat it comes directly like pimples but runny.

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Hi Ari,

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Food allergies can indeed make sufferers feel very disturbed. Imagine, these allergy triggers can be so individual that they are difficult to detect and prevent, except when the triggers are typical and few. This food allergy is not yet clear what causes it. However, as with various types of allergic diseases, this condition is thought to be strongly related to genetic (hereditary) and environmental factors.

Symptoms that arise due to food allergies can vary, ranging from mild, which is a reddish skin rash that feels itchy, to more severe conditions, such as swollen skin, bruntusan, runny, feels hot like burning, peeling, until systemic symptoms appear others, such as palpitations, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, or shock (shock). Because the exact cause is unknown, definitive treatment is not yet known to cure this condition. Therefore, the best step that can be done is to prevent, so that patients do not contact or consume foods that make it allergic. So, the real key lies in yourself.

Try to make small notes about what foods often trigger your allergic symptoms. Not only food, note also other substances (for example drugs, temperature, clothing, etc.) that can cause you to be allergic. Then, as much as possible avoid contact with the originator.

Food allergies occur when the body mistakenly considers the entry of a food into the body as a dangerous condition, when in fact it is not. To get used to the body being exposed to allergens, increase the allergen threshold that can trigger allergic symptoms, while minimizing the severity of allergic symptoms that arise, some literature suggests that the following steps be taken:

Try consuming foods that often trigger your allergic reaction, starting with a very small dose first
If no signs of allergic appear after performing the steps above, slowly increase the dose of consumption until it reaches a dose that can trigger allergies
Furthermore, if it is known how much consumption of these foods can trigger your allergic symptoms, then it is relatively safe for you to consume these foods as long as the dose is less than the threshold that triggers the allergies

However, the steps above are often not as easy as theory. Because, most people with food allergies will still experience allergic symptoms even though they consume very little of these allergen foods. Therefore, it is emphasized again, that the main step that should be done is to prevent contact with the allergen. In addition to prevention, several other efforts are known to also minimize allergic recurrence, including good stress management, regular exercise, drinking lots of water, and living a healthy lifestyle.

However, if you already have allergic symptoms, then the right step you should take is to check directly to the doctor or dermatologist to be given the right treatment. Also with a doctor's direct examination, the risk of the possibility of other diseases that can also trigger allergic-like symptoms, for example skin infections, contact dermatitis, insect bites, etc. can be evaluated and treated.

When scratched excessively, a rash on the skin that appears due to allergies can certainly leave a black mark that is more difficult to remove than the initial skin rash. Therefore, if the skin feels itchy due to allergies, try not to scratch it excessively. For itching to improve, it is safer if you apply calamine lotion or sprinkle salicyl powder on itchy skin (avoid contact with the area around the eyes, nostrils, or mouth).

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