Overcoming Fungus In The Mouth?

Illustration of Overcoming Fungus In The Mouth?
Illustration: Overcoming Fungus In The Mouth? epicuriousmorsels.com

I want to ask, the corner of my mouth is like a mushroom. It’s been about 5 months that it hasn’t been healed … at first it was like a canker sore, but over time it spreads to the skin about the name of the disease and how to treat the fastest

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Lesions on the tip of your lips that you experience can be caused by a variety of possibilities, such as:

Dry lips

Dry lips can cause the edges of the lips to peel and hurt easily. One of the factors, can occur due to lack of fluids consumed daily. In conditions of anemia due to iron deficiency can also cause sores at the corners of the lips. Dermatitis or inflammation of the skin can also occur which can be caused by allergic conditions such as cosmetic allergies, or exposure to irritants. Infections such as fungi, viruses or bacteria can also be the trigger.

To determine what you are experiencing, it's a good idea to see a doctor. A more detailed history and examination are needed to determine the conditions experienced. Later the therapy will be adjusted to what you are experiencing.

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