Overcoming Gastric Acid That Never Gets Better?

Illustration of Overcoming Gastric Acid That Never Gets Better?
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Hello … I have stomach acid, and my stomach acid has not healed in 2 days … And I can’t eat rice or other hard foods … Questions: 1. Is my stomach acid severe? 2. How to get rid of pain in the pit of the stomach? 3. What foods should be avoided when stomach acid? 4. What food should I consume when stomach acid ?? Thank you 🙏

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Hello Angelina,

Thank you for the question.

Gastric acid disease is usually a broad spectrum of diseases, which in the medical realm is called dyspepsia. This condition can occur due to unknown causes (functional dyspepsia), but can also be associated with a disease, such as gastroesohageal reflux disease, gastritis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, and pancreatitis). Clinically, this disease is typically characterized by discomfort that mainly feels in the solar plexus (upper abdomen, close to the chest), which is in the form of tightness, nausea, sore, bloating, tightness, fullness, or a lump. Not infrequently, this complaint appears so great that it causes vomiting, decreased appetite, even discomfort that spreads to the neck, back, and other body parts.

Assessing whether or not the disease you are suffering is not enough to just refer to the brief description as you mentioned. It is also necessary to do a thorough physical examination, or supporting examinations, such as endoscopy. The treatment that can be given to your condition can differ depending on the cause and severity of this. Therefore, if your complaints often recur, you should just check yourself to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine, right?

Here are the steps you can take to make your complaint improve:

Compress the gut that is uncomfortable with warm water
Do not use clothes that are too tight
Limit spicy, coconuty, oily, gassed, sour, caffeinated, and carbonated foods
Eat more easily digested food, soup, water
Eat small portions, once every 3-4 hours
In between meals, consume healthy snacks
Do not lie down after eating, give a gap of 2-3 hours
Do not eat any medicine, including stomach medicine, without consulting a doctor first
No stress or excessive fatigue
Maintain ideal body weight, including regular exercise

Hope this helps ...

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