Overcoming Hearing Loss In The Left Ear And Ringing In The Right Ear?

Illustration of Overcoming Hearing Loss In The Left Ear And Ringing In The Right Ear?
Illustration: Overcoming Hearing Loss In The Left Ear And Ringing In The Right Ear? Bing

Hello doctor, my name is Syta, I’m 24 years old, I want to ask a question, my right ear is ringing for 24 hours non-stop and my left ear is deaf and can’t hear, so I was 10 years old at the time, the doctor said the diagnosis was tonsil surgery but I didn’t do it , then I went to another doctor and he said it wasn’t the tonsils, only the nerves and they were given medicine, there was no progress. I then tested the ear with a device like the one in the room and the result was that my left side was not functioning and doltek only gave pain relievers and taboos “Eat like burning, micin, etc. and was told to surrender. I have a history of falling from a height of 2 meters and falling from a motorbike, is this the reason? Until now 24 years my ears have not changed, and I find it very disturbing, please advise if possible surgery I want. Thank you

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Hi Risa,

Hearing loss can be divided into three, namely:

conduction disturbances. That is a disturbance in the bones of hearing or eardrum that causes the sound that is captured by the earlobe to experience interference when it is delivered to the hearing center.
nervous disorders. In this condition there is no disturbance in the transmission of sound, but there is a disturbance in the nerves that transmit sound signals to the brain or there is a disturbance in the area of ​​the brain that regulates hearing function.
mixed type. that is, there are disturbances in both conduction and nerve problems.

Hearing examination using a tuning fork or audiometry (the patient is put in a special room) can determine the type of hearing loss experienced by the patient.

While the causes of hearing loss itself there are many kinds. Starting from the age factor, a history of injury, the use of certain drugs, to infections can cause a person to experience hearing loss. You can ask the doctor who examined you directly, because we cannot say the exact cause of your hearing loss without doing a direct examination.

If you have permanent hearing loss, your doctor will first find out what type of hearing loss you have. Generally, if there is a conduction disorder, for example in the case of a perforated eardrum, the option of eardrum surgery can be offered. Or in the case of sensorineural (nerve) hearing loss, hearing aids can be used.

Therefore, please consult again with an ear specialist for more details, yes.

Please read the following article regarding your question:

hearing loss and its treatment

choose the right hearing aid


dr. Barrel

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