Overcoming Hearing That Feels Disturbed

Illustration of Overcoming Hearing That Feels Disturbed
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Hello, my right ear has a temporary hearing loss. I want to see a doctor but because of the current virus problem I am afraid to leave the house, let alone to the hospital. Is there a way to deal with it, other than going to the hospital?

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Hearing loss can occur by various things. Generally caused by age or frequent exposure to loud music. Sound signals that do not reach the brain that make hearing impaired and reduced. Hearing loss can occur gradually but can also disappear suddenly. The following are things that cause hearing loss:

Age factor. The older a person is, the nerve function will also be reduced so that hearing will decrease.
Loud noise. Hear loud sounds for a long time such as airplanes or explosions. Sounds with noise levels of up to 79 decibels are still considered safe for humans.
Infection. An infection can clog the ear canal until the eardrum ruptures
Trauma. Trauma can cause a ruptured eardrum

Hearing loss is one of the emergency conditions in the ENT field. So try to consult and be examined by an ENT doctor to handle the hearing loss that you feel. The doctor will do a hearing test to make sure your condition. In this corona virus pandemic, you must be aware of the risk of transmission. Use a mask when leaving the house, do not touch anything outside the house or around the hospital, if forced to use tissue to touch the object then throw it away, do not touch your face before washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizer.

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