Overcoming Heartburn That Often Recurs

Illustration of Overcoming Heartburn That Often Recurs
Illustration: Overcoming Heartburn That Often Recurs

Doc I want to ask, 1 year ago I was hospitalized because of gastric pain, my stomach ulcers since entering UGD until now still like to disappear, I was given the recipe for taking liquid impepsa medication if my ulcer recurs again, now it’s almost 1 month my stomach ulcer recurs again doc, my left abdomen likes to ache to uluhati, every time I wake up I must have been in the esophagus of esophagus, a few weeks ago I drank impepsa routinely for 1 week but did not continue again for fear of side effects, should I do it doc? Want to see a doctor but I’m still worried going outside the house because of the corona outbreak. Please advise doc

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Hello Sintiya, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Stomach ulcers or acid reflux occur due to increased stomach acid due to various causes. Symptoms caused vary from heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and bloating. In the condition of reflux or increased complaints can increase in the form of chest pain, chest feels hot, sour mouth and throat, chapped lips, and others. This situation is known as GERD.

Some of the causes of increased stomach acid include:

Foods that are too sour, too spicy, or high fat
Delay eating
Soft drinks and caffeinated
Certain psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic, and so on

The use of inpepsa (sucralfate) can be used as a treatment for your condition. But its use must follow the doctor's rules. The use of drugs is certainly not effective if the prevention of triggers an increase in stomach acid is not done. Therefore several things can be done together with the use of drugs are:

Consumption of healthy and nutritious food, avoid the type of food that triggers symptoms
Avoid delaying eating
Avoid fizzy drinks, caffeinated, and too sour
Regular exercise
Get enough rest
Drink enough water, especially warm water
Avoid cigarettes
Manage stress well
Avoid lying down immediately after eating
It is recommended to eat small but often
Consumption of drugs from doctors in accordance with the rules

If the complaint continues or even worsens see a doctor immediately. In a COVID-19 pandemic such as this, it is justified to visit a doctor if the complaint is an emergency and after handling it at home is done optimally. Use a mask when leaving the house, keep a distance from the people around, and avoid using public transportation as much as possible.

That's all, hope it helps.

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