Overcoming Heat And Itching In The Navel Area?

Illustration of Overcoming Heat And Itching In The Navel Area?
Illustration: Overcoming Heat And Itching In The Navel Area? Bing

, I again experienced pain in the navel area for 5 days. It feels hot and itchy. Every time the hand is touched, it is immediately sensitive and naturally wants to be scratched. Sometimes when it’s really itchy, I can’t help but scratch. What’s the treatment for that?

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Pain, heat, and itching in the navel may occur due to inflammation, also known as omphalitis. This condition can happen to anyone, but the most common are infants and children. The trigger is usually a bacterial or fungal infection that is prone to occur in people who do not maintain good personal hygiene. In addition, the habit of picking at the navel excessively, a history of navel piercing, having had surgery through the navel, and an inadequate immune system can also be the cause.

It could also be, a series of complaints that you experience in the navel arise due to other causes, such as atopic dermatitis, insect bites, or other skin infections (eg Herpes zoster, folliculitis, miliaria), and so on.

Although it feels very annoying, you should not hold or scratch your belly button excessively. Because, if the hands you use are not clearly clean, this action can actually make the inflammation in your belly button worse and more difficult to treat.

You should immediately see a doctor to be evaluated if there is any special treatment needed. In mild conditions, administration of topical drugs is generally sufficient to overcome your complaints.

In the meantime, you can follow these tips first:

Stop scratching or touching your painful belly button
Take a shower regularly 2 times a day
Dry the body well before wearing clothes
Avoid wearing clothes or pants that are too tight in the area around the navel to avoid irritation
Also avoid applying or sprinkling drugs and any substances on the painful navel unless advised by a doctor
To reduce pain, take pain medication, for example paracetemol

If the complaint does not improve after undergoing the above treatment, try to immediately consult a doctor.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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