Overcoming High Blood Pressure?

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Hello Xiao Ling Ling, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

Previously the doctor needed information about how old your brother is? Is your blood pressure measurement done by a doctor or trained health worker? Do you have other diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol or heart disease? Do you have a smoking habit? Are there any complaints felt?

According to the Indonesian hypertension doctors' association in 2019 (PERHI 2019), high blood pressure or hypertension is systolic blood pressure greater than 140 millimeters of mercury and / or diastolic blood pressure greater than 90 millimeters of mercury. Blood pressure measurements should be carried out correctly by trained personnel or with a calibrated device and preferably before blood pressure checks are performed, the patient can rest or be calm and can be done as much as 2-3x then the average is taken.

Untreated hypertension can damage many organs in our body such as damage to blood vessels of the heart, brain or other organs so that there can be a heart attack, stroke, heart failure or heart swelling, kidney damage, or vision problems.

You should be able to do a blood pressure check by trained medical personnel and consult a cardiologist about the appropriate treatment or medication. Your doctor also performs further tests to assess the size of the heart with chest x-ray / xray, heart record, and look for other risk factors such as diabetes or cholesterol.

We recommend that you immediately go to the nearest health facility such as the Emergency Unit if there are complaints such as weak limbs, paralysis, severe headaches, decreased consciousness (fainting), severe chest pain, or if your blood pressure is over 180/120 mmHg because it can signaling a serious illness.

Some things you can do to control blood pressure among others:

Reducing stress, smoking and alcohol
Reducing salt consumption
Regular exercise (at least 30 minutes a day)
Lose weight if there is excess weight
If your doctor prescribes hypertension medications, then taking the medication must be according to the doctor's dosage and instructions. Usually high blood pressure medication should be taken every day in accordance with your doctor's recommendations.

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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