Overcoming High Infant Bilirubin?

Illustration of Overcoming High Infant Bilirubin?
Illustration: Overcoming High Infant Bilirubin? momjunction.com

Good afternoon. I want to ask my baby aged 25 days and just check bilirubin. R nWith a total bilirubin value of 3.03mg / dl r nDirectoral bilirubin 1.70mg / dl r n Indirect bilirubin 2.33mg / dl r nIs my baby classified as high bilirubin, please explain, thank you

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Hi Vi fang, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

For the normal value of laboratory results in each hospital or laboratory have different benchmarks, because it must confirm again what the normal value of bilirubin is where you perform your baby's blood test.

To find out the bilirubin level in your baby read this article: Normal Bilirubin Levels in Newborns.

High bilirubin levels are usually indicated by the baby's skin and sclera (the whites of the eyes) turning yellow, and should be confirmed by elevated bilirubin levels on blood tests. In newborns, the total bilirubin level is normally below 5 mg / dl. In some studies total bilirubin in infants up to 1 month of age was normally 5 mg / dL. If you look at this number, your baby's bilirubin results are within normal limits.

Some of the conditions that you need to know about yellow babies that appear less than 24 hours of age and last up to 14 days or more, usually have a relationship with breastfeeding, which you can then read in the article: Breast milk and jaundice

To ensure the condition of your baby, it is advisable to have your baby checked by a pediatrician, so that a physical examination can be done directly on your baby. Because every hospital or laboratory usually has different benchmarks for normal values, you must confirm the normal values ​​in the laboratory again, and then you can consult the laboratory results with your doctor.

Here's what you can do at home:

Your baby is still breastfed, give it as often as possible
Drying the baby in the sun sufficiently
If your child becomes limp, or shows yellow skin, and the sclera or whites of the eyes turn yellow, immediately go to the nearest health facility or hospital

I hope this helps,


dr. Fatma

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