Overcoming Hysteria In Women 23 Years?

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Hello, I’m a 23 year old girl. R nWhen I was 18 years old, I had a lot of hurt feelings with my friends, until I unconsciously felt tight, my body cramped badly and my body became stiff, my teeth could not tighten. open, my body is cold, I feel like I want to scream loudly but I can’t help it until the tears just keep coming out. When I was brought to the hospital the doctor did not give me any treatment until finally my body was limp again. She said I was hysterical. R n r nAfter this incident, I began to experience the hysteria a lot when I was thinking a lot, or crying for too long, or when I was shocked and scared and I couldn’t control my emotions. R n r nWhat I want to ask, r n1. can I recover? r n2. what kind of treatment should I do? r n3. How do I explain to my ward about my situation? especially the people closest to me r n r nThank you

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Hi Nina,

Hysteria or somatization disorder is a disorder that has a variety of symptoms that generally occurs in people under 30 years of age and is more common in women. This condition generally causes the following symptoms:

The pain arises without an obvious cause
Gastrointestinal disorders
Sexual disturbances
Loss of sensation or bodily functions such as paralysis, blindness, deafness, seizures, etc.
Complaints are usually recurrent and the symptoms are generally significant
Combined several of the above

So far there has been no information regarding the prognosis (possibility) of cure for somatization disorder. The handling of somatization disorder is quite complex because this condition has various triggering factors (organic / due to biological disorders, social factors, psychological, work environment, etc.) so you should check with a competent doctor in this field, namely a mental health specialist (Sp.KJ / Psychiatrist) so that the cause of your complaint can be identified and get treatment according to your condition.

The following are some of the things your doctor can do regarding this complaint:

Carry out a detailed physical / laboratory examination to ensure that the complaint is caused by psychological factors
Psychiatric interview
Rehabilitation therapy
Cognitive therapy
Family therapy

Because somatization disorder is a disorder caused by psychological factors, of course the people around you can find it more difficult to understand the condition you are experiencing. For that, you should ask your doctor for help to explain to your parents / colleagues so as not to cause misunderstandings.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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