Overcoming Intestinal Drops At The Age Of 20 Years Without Surgery?

Illustration of Overcoming Intestinal Drops At The Age Of 20 Years Without Surgery?
Illustration: Overcoming Intestinal Drops At The Age Of 20 Years Without Surgery? gutsense.org

BismillahDok what if a 20-year-old boy has bowel movements? Is there anything that can be done to treat the age down besides denvan surgery? Thank you in advance 🙂

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Hello Devi,

Thank you for the question.

Intestine or often known as hernias in the medical world, is a condition in which an organ (usually a digestive tract organ such as the intestine) emerges out of its place into a weak connective tissue area, such as the inguinal (lower abdominal / groin) region, scrotal (sac testicles), femoral (outer crotch), umbilical (navel hole), and hiatal (upper abdomen). This is usually caused by pressure on the muscles and connective tissue so that the organ can be pushed out of place, which is usually influenced by factors such as frequent lifting of heavy objects, diarrhea or constipation, or prolonged coughing / sneezing.

Hernias can have symptoms or not, such as the appearance of lumps, pain, and nausea. Doctors usually diagnose hernias by exploring the history of complaints, conducting physical examinations, and supporting examinations if needed. Usually the doctor will perform a hernia operation to restore the organs / intestines that descend into the abdominal cavity. However, to determine surgery, the doctor must evaluate the type of hernia, whether there are signs of emergencies or complications.

Although quite rare, doctors can recommend people with hernias to do watchful waiting or monitor the development of hernias, and temporarily provide a hernia belt. In addition, sufferers can also follow suggestions such as avoiding lifting heavy objects, coughing violently, and straining when defecating.

Watchful waiting can be done if the incoming hernia tends to enter the abdominal cavity, and can be returned with the push of a finger. However, if the hernia is in and out, can not be put in again, and there are symptoms such as severe pain, nausea, vomiting, can not defecate or pass gas, and in the hernia area is bluish, hernia should immediately be operated immediately because this can cause complications such as decreased blood flow to the intestine and death of intestinal tissues.

Hopefully this information helps and hopefully get well soon.


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