Overcoming Irregular Menstrual Cycles?

Illustration of Overcoming Irregular Menstrual Cycles?
Illustration: Overcoming Irregular Menstrual Cycles? Bing

at Afternoon I want to ask why I should get my period every month, but some cannot. My period has been running smoothly since December last year, but in January and August I couldn’t get my period. And now in January this year I should have my period on the 15th, but I haven’t been able to until now. I’m a little worried whether this will have anything to do with it if it’s difficult for me to get pregnant later?rnrnHow can I make my menstruation run smoothly every month, to be honest, if I go straight to the doctor, I’m afraid. Is there a natural way that I can do?rnrnBefore I also tried consuming sprouts the day after I missed my period, which is on the 16th, usually sprouts really help me and I immediately menstruate when I eat sprouts, but yesterday not.rnrnThank you.

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Thanks for the question…

Menstruation is the process of shedding of the uterine lining into blood, usually occurring for 3-7 days. The menstrual cycle occurs every 28-35 days. Every woman experiences a different menstrual cycle, it can be shorter or longer.

Menstruation is said to be irregular or irregular if the cycle occurs:

·     less than 21 days or more than 35 days.

·       Menstruation duration changes every month

·       blood volume is not the same in each cycle

The following are the causes of irregular menstruation, namely:

·       Puberty (the first year of menstruation is not smooth due to the influence of hormones that have not been balanced)

·      Pregnancy

· Contraception

·       Daily lifestyle

·      Weight imbalance

·      Polycystic ovary syndrome

·      Thyroid gland disorders

You should consult an obstetrician, the doctor will perform a physical examination and support such as blood tests, ultrasound to determine the exact cause of your irregular menstrual complaints. After that, appropriate therapy will be given according to the cause. Consumption of bean sprouts is just a myth in menstrual relations.

Suggestions you can do to deal with irregular or irregular menstruation:

·       Changing your lifestyle.

·      Performing thyroid medication

·       Treat polycystic ovary syndrome, such as diabetes treatment or hormone level restoration.

·       Lose weight in a healthy way if you have polycystic ovary syndrome and are overweight.

·         Counsel if you are experiencing stress which causes drastic weight loss.

·        If you are planning to get married and have children, try synthetic hormones to trigger normal ovulation.

Thus the explanation that we can convey, may be useful.


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