Overcoming Irregular Menstruation?

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Hi doctor, r nI am 37 years old, my last cellphone was April 5, 2018. Since April 27 2018 I had 1-2 drops of brown spots every day, on May 8 2015 I was given a menstrual smoothing drug by the doctor, namely norethisterone acetate 5mg for consumption 2x a day for 10 days. I consumed it starting May 8, 2018 and on May 8 and 9 2018, I only came out one time blood mixed with thick reddish brown mucus like menstrual blood came out when I urinated during the day. R n r nMy obstetrician asked me to undergo an examination lab for TSH etc. on the 3rd day of menstruation after taking the medicine. r n r nThe question is, is it considered menstrual bleeding once a day as my description above is considered menstruation or it must be blood that comes out continuously / several times in 1 day? r n r nMhn the doctor’s answer because I am confused about the first day of her period. r n r nThank you very much in advance

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A normal menstrual cycle is around 21-35 days. The most frequent ranges from 28 days, but going forward 1 week or going back 1 week is still considered normal. The length of menstruation also varies, usually between 3-8 days. Bleeding that occurs outside the menstrual cycle is not menstruation, bleeding that occurs outside the menstrual cycle as you experience is called metroragia. This condition, bleeding outside the menstrual cycle can occur a little or a lot in volume. Metroragi can be caused by several possibilities including:

residual previous menstrual blood hormonal disturbances early signs of pregnancy, usually in the form of endometriosis spots, is a disorder of the uterine wall that experiences a thickening of the ovarian cyst, the presence of a fluid-filled sac or mass in the myoma ovaries, a mass that forms in the uterus, disorders of the cervix such as infections, polyps, ca servix Hormonal disturbances can also occur due to several factors, including:

disorders of the thyroid before menopause stress physical fatigue decrease in body weight suddenly or drastically increase in body weight suddenly or drastically obesity the effect of contraceptive use Considering the many possible causes, it is better if this is checked further with an expert, namely an obstetrician. Then several tests will be carried out such as blood tests, thyroid hormone tests, other hormone levels, ultrasound, etc. if deemed necessary to find possible causes.

Some of the things you can pay attention to:

keep your diet regular, maintain ideal body weight, avoid excessive activity, get enough rest, eat nutritious food, keep your female organs clean, read things related to menstrual disorders, abnormal menstruation, myoma, ovarian cysts

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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