Overcoming Irritated Eyes After Using Cosmetic Products?

Illustration of Overcoming Irritated Eyes After Using Cosmetic Products?
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Hi, I want to ask about my eye problems. Then the day after tomorrow I bought an eyeshadow make up product where before I had never had a problem with any product. But then I just bought and tried, the next morning my upper right eye began to ache, followed by my lower left eye. By late afternoon my right eye was swollen, then today my left eye was swollen. Can my eyes heal as normal? Trs clearly I am stressed because due to mistakes I can harm myself. How to treat the right? If there is a special drug, what medicine is that? I waited for your answer once. thanks.

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Based on your complaints, it seems that your condition is related to contact dermatitis. In general, contact dermatitis consists of irritant contact dermatitis (DKI) and allergic contact dermatitis (DKA). Common symptoms of contact dermatitis include skin rashes (redness and heat), pain, itching, swelling, dry skin, blisters, scaling or blisters.

DKI occurs due to direct contact of the outer layer of skin with irritants, causing damage to the skin layer. Irritant ingredients include soap, shampoo, detergent and some perfume products.

DKA occurs due to direct contact between the skin and allergens (including antibiotic creams, rubber ingredients, nail polish or hair dye). As a result of these contacts, the body's immune system reacts to form an inflammatory reaction. Meanwhile, a person's sensitivity to allergens is specific, and seems to be influenced by genetic factors inherited from hereditary (hereditary factors). Thus, if your family member has a history of allergies, there is a possibility you also have a vulnerability to suffer from allergies.

Usually in terms of its sustainability process, DKI is faster than DKA, because DKA belongs to the category type reaction type hypersensitivity or slow type (delayed type hypersensitivity). From the information you have given, it is likely that you suffer from DKA. However, for a definitive diagnosis, it requires a direct clinical examination by a doctor.

In addition, due to irritation or inflammation of the affected skin, there can be a secondary infection by bacteria, which is characterized by worsening symptoms, pus discharge from the skin (which is commonly called wet eczema), increased pain, and fever.

Regarding your question, whether the disease can be cured or not, this is determined by the cause. As for determining the exact cause, clinical examination is needed directly by the doctor, and if necessary, carried out supporting tests to support the establishment of a definitive diagnosis. In general, contact dermatitis can be cured.

The things you can do at home right now are, first of all, keep your skin clean, to prevent bacterial contamination that can cause secondary infections. Then, avoid exposure to irritants or allergens that are suspected of triggering contact dermatitis (in this case eye shadow). In addition, it should be noted that the packaging of the eye shaddow product that you use, starting from the contents in it, the expiration date and even the storage process. Avoid storing cosmetic products in damp places. The next thing is to do a cold compress on the affected skin area, to relieve the inflammatory process. In some cases, moisturizers can be used to prevent dryness of the skin and to protect the skin. In addition, keep hands clean by washing hands frequently with antiseptic soap to prevent bacterial contamination when touching the skin area of ​​the eye that has contact dermatitis.

If the condition has not improved, it would be nice for you to see a doctor. Handlers from doctors are dependent on the diagnosis. If contact dermatitis is true, an anti-allergic ointment will be prescribed, which is applied to the affected skin area twice a day. The use of certain anti-allergies can sometimes cause hyperpigmentation (blackish color of the skin), but don't worry it will gradually disappear. In addition, if necessary the doctor will prescribe anti-allergic tablets taken for 5-7 days. It should be noted that the use of anti-allergies must be on the right dose and on target, so that it cannot be consumed without a doctor's prescription.

Thus the information from me, hopefully can help, Thank you

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