Overcoming Kidney Disorders In A Person With A History Of Hypertension?

Illustration of Overcoming Kidney Disorders In A Person With A History Of Hypertension?
Illustration: Overcoming Kidney Disorders In A Person With A History Of Hypertension? kidneyfund.org

I want to ask my age 28 years 7 months 5 days. I have a hereditary history of hypertension and I was even pregnant for 8 months but the baby died in the womb. Because hypertension is not stable. After 1.8 years. I never control blood pressure because I have no complaints. Recently, I was sick after going to treatment, the doctor said there was an swelling of the heart, today I have the last blood pressure lab bag 174/102. Lab test results r n r ntriglycerides H 263 mg / dl r n Total cholesterol H 206 mg / dl r nLDL H cholesterol 124 mg / dl r nUreum H 51.0 mg / dl r nCreatinin H 1.76 mg / dl r nH uric acid 8.39 mg / dl r n My questions with results like that, whether my kidneys are still classified as normal (either alone) or vice versa. And I am classified as a serious illness or still classified as normal. R nBecause the doctor did not explain anything .. Just gave me a prescription. Thank you if you wish to answer.

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Hello, Meni Mamane Arya, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Responding to your questions regarding the condition of your kidneys, I can only give an opinion according to the laboratory results you sent regarding kidney function tests (i.e. urea and creatinine), which are actually not enough to judge whether your kidneys are in good condition or not. It needs to be understood that it is necessary to conduct in-depth interviews, direct physical examinations, and other supporting examinations to determine a person's physical condition. Normally, urea has levels of 7-30 mg / dL and creatinine 0.7-1.2 mg / dL, depending on each laboratory. An increase in urea and creatinine levels from normal values ‚Äč‚Äčindicates a decrease in kidney function. The causes of decreased kidney function can range from acute (occurs quickly) to chronic (the process takes a long time), for example due to high blood pressure, high uric acid, the presence of kidney stones, metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, poisoning, and so on.

From the lab results and blood pressure checks that you report, you have a high enough risk of suffering from kidney problems, due to high blood pressure and high uric acid levels. In addition, high cholesterol can also have an effect on the health of your blood vessels. For that, this cannot be underestimated, but you should also not be too stressed and overwhelmed in dealing with it. Some of these things you can do to always control your health:

1. Routine control to the doctor as directed.

2. Take medication from a doctor regularly.

3. Start maintaining food intake, especially limiting those that are too fatty, oily, and those that contain high uric acid (eg brain, jerohan, melinjo chips, green vegetables). Consult a nutritionist to find out the type and amount of food that is good for consumption according to your health condition.

4. Exercise regularly, gradually, but not push.

5. Avoid stress by meditating / worshiping, doing things you enjoy, doing hobbies, recreation, etc.

6. Get enough rest and sleep.

7. Do not use drugs other than those prescribed by your doctor to keep your kidneys healthy.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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