Overcoming Large Testicular Sizes?

Illustration of Overcoming Large Testicular Sizes?
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Excuse me! My name is Munade. I want to ask about the impact that will occur and whether it can be replaced (male genitalia / veler). I feel uncomfortable with this large size. If it can be replaced, what can be replaced with a smaller size. Thanks.

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From the information you convey, the penis or testicles in men vary in size from small to large. And it doesn't affect the production of normal sperm and it doesn't affect fertility.

Because large testes are an individual variation, you should adjust to the conditions you have. In addition, if you are disturbed in activities or comfortably, then you can seek a solution that is comfortable and suitable for you, such as using boxer underwear to reduce pressure on the testicles, avoiding wearing tight pants or jeans to avoid pressure on the testicles, and wherever possible idealizes body weight, so as to avoid accumulating fat on the inner thighs to provide more comfortable space for your testicles.

Therefore, because this condition is a form of individual variation, and testicular replacement is not possible, it is possible to adjust yourselves to your organ systems.

And to ensure the reasonableness of your testicles and the possibility of tetsis due to certain diseases, you should consult directly with your family doctor or your surgeon.

That's the information we can convey, read also the discussion.


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