Overcoming Late Menstruation?

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at noon I want to ask I am 12 days late but the results are negative, last month I had my period on December 30 and haven’t had my period yet, I take my diet pills, I exercise every day and I eat irregularly, is it because of the effects of large doses of drugs? disturbing during menstruation, yes, and I want to ask if the anlitin pill can delay menstruation, please answer, thank you

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Delayed menstruation is one of the most typical signs in pregnancy, especially if it is a regular menstrual cycle, which is around 28-30 days. However, not all menstrual delays are caused by pregnancy. Here are some conditions that can cause a missed period are as follows:

The effect of certain drugs and one of them is the birth control pill. The pill you mentioned above is one of the contraceptive drugs which is used as emergency contraception. The content is the hormone progesterone, where its use can affect menstruation, especially if it is used 2 times in one menstrual cycle. Nutrients consumed. Inadequate and unbalanced food intake can affect the body's metabolism and indirectly affect hormonal work in the body.

Overweight or too thin. The presence of certain psychological stress or pressure.

Excessive physical activity. Excessive exercise or fatigue can trigger bleeding outside the menstrual cycle.

Inflammation of the reproductive tract

The presence of infection in the reproductive tract, but in general it can also be accompanied by complaints of vaginal discharge.

Presence of other medical conditions. To confirm whether there is a pregnancy, a test pack can be carried out, especially if the delay in menstruation has passed 2 weeks or by conducting a direct examination to your doctor or midwife. If there are certain medical conditions, they can be identified and appropriate and optimal treatment can be carried out.

That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

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