Overcoming Lipoma On The Back And Bleeding?

Illustration of Overcoming Lipoma On The Back And Bleeding?
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Morning, I want to ask. R nMy father has a lipoma behind his back. Then he had eyes and bleeding. R nIs that dangerous ?? r nThank you ^^

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Hi Ririn,

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Lipoma is a benign growth between the skin and muscle that comes from fat tissue. Lipoma is characterized by the appearance of a lump that is soft, easy to move, and about 5 cm in diameter. Although rare, an enlarged lipoma can be painful. The exact cause of the lipoma is still unknown. However, genetic (congenital) factors are strongly suspected to be one of the triggers.

In general, lipomas rarely appear as lumps that have eyes and bleed easily. However, this condition is not impossible. It is possible for a lipoma to show this appearance if it has secondary infection or irritation. However, you also need to be aware of other possible causes of lumps that can have eyes and bleed easily, for example folliculitis (hair root infection), hemangioma (benign blood vessel tumor), nevus (mole), cysts, and other benign or malignant infections and tumors. .

It needs to be clarified first, whether the lump that your father experienced on his back has been examined by a doctor? So, did the doctor say that the lump was a lipoma? What tests have you had to find out the cause of the lump?

We recommend that you consult your father directly to the doctor for a more in-depth evaluation, whether his complaint is a symptom of a lipoma or other causes. The treatment given later can vary depending on the cause of the lump. If necessary, the doctor will refer your father to a specialist surgeon for further management.

In the meantime, clean the blood that comes out of the lump on your father's back using clean gauze moistened with intravenous fluids or an antiseptic solution. Avoid pressing excessively on the lumps that appear, especially with dirty hands. Remind your dad to shower regularly and to always wear clean, lax clothes.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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