Overcoming Loose Nails?

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hello, my name is normandi i want to ask, my toenail accidentally fell off one side or died next door, but it didn’t bleed. and there is still a small part still attached. do I have to pull everything out right away or do I just wait until the tiny part of the nerve dies? thank you

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From the information you have conveyed, there are nails that are loose in one side and part of them are still attached without blood fibers, you should consult directly with your family doctor to find out the exact condition of your nails.

If the condition of your nails is not optimal in function, the doctor can remove the rest of your nails, this is to prevent the risk of inflammation, infection, and uncontrolled tear wounds due to friction of the wound with other objects.

Therefore, visit your family doctor or your surgeon for examination and evaluation regarding this condition. With a doctor seeing firsthand the condition of your nails, appropriate medical measures can be taken to prevent risks and complications.

For now, you can cover and press your nails with a gauze bandage, thus avoiding friction with other objects.

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