Overcoming Lumps On The Head And Festering?

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I’m sorry I have a lump on my head then he sometimes has pus, but it’s like a wound, there is flesh too, if the blood comes out, what disease is it ?? then what’s the medicine?

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A lump is a term used to describe an elevation above the surface of the skin, and the lump can contain pus. A pus-filled lump generally indicates an infection, because the pus itself is a fluid resulting from an inflammatory process that is formed from white blood cells and contains dead or living bacteria, as well as cell feces or debris. Pus-filled lumps can occur on any part of the body if infected including the head, and the possible causes are very diverse. Here are some possibilities that can cause a pus lump on the head:

Boils or furunculosis: lumps on the skin that are painful and filled with pus. Usually occurs due to a bacterial infection that triggers inflammation at the site of hair growth.

An abscess is a collection of pus that can appear anywhere on the body, including on the scalp, often accompanied by swelling, redness, and fever.

Tinea capitis or fungal infection of the head that occurs secondary to bacterial infection: a fungal infection of the head initially causes a very sore, bald feeling, the skin becomes scaly. Usually secondary infections can occur, namely bacterial infections that cause pus due to scratching.

Here's an article that you can read about the causes of red and festering skin spots: Diseases that cause red spots and pus on the skin.

Skin disease caused by infection to cause symptoms of pus appearance requires treatment so as not to cause further skin damage including hair on the head or spread of infection, therefore to find out the cause of this you should consult your dermatologist. Then the doctor will look at the wound on your skin, determine how extensive the wound is, and how to treat the wound. If indeed the cause is a bacterial infection, then the doctor will give you treatment therapy such as drinking antibiotics or topical antibiotics. If the pus is collected a lot, the doctor can also perform an expulsion of the pus to reduce the inflammatory process and the skin infection process.

Infection of the skin that causes pus to appear, often accompanied by blood due to irritation of the skin. So it is very important to treat the wound, so that it does not cause further irritation and infection, here are some things you can do while at home:

Cleaning the wound with a damp towel or gauze (gauze or cloth dampened with clean water) can be given an antiseptic, to clean the pus and prevent the pus from settling and drying
Avoid rubbing the wound or rubbing the lump, to prevent irritation and prevent the infection from developing
If you feel pain, take non-prescription pain medications, you can use paracetamol or ibuprofen
If it itches, avoid scratching. Scratching will only irritate and can cause discharge and increase the infection to develop. Compress with a warm towel can reduce itching and pain
If blood appears, you can apply pressure to the site that was bleeding to stop the bleeding. If there is a lot of blood coming out, immediately ask for help from a doctor at the nearest health facility
Washing and cleaning your hands before and after cleaning the pus-filled lumps on your head.

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