Overcoming Measles In Babies?

Illustration of Overcoming Measles In Babies?
Illustration: Overcoming Measles In Babies? Bing

doctor, my son aged 7 months has measles after having a fever. While my son has not yet received measles immunization, it’s dangerous, isn’t it u0026 when should I go to the doctor. Please help, thank you

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Measles is a disease that is usually characterized by fever and a red rash on the skin. This condition arises due to a viral infection, which is often transmitted from the patient through splashes of mucus from the respiratory tract, for example when the patient coughs, sneezes, or salivates.

Measles immunization is actually part of the mandatory immunization given when the baby is 9 months old. However, if your baby is infected with the measles virus before getting immunized, the potential for illness will be greater.

Because the cause is a viral infection, so far, the treatment of measles has not been specifically carried out to eradicate the virus that causes the illness. Handling that can be done at this time is limited to minimizing the complaints felt by the patient and also maintaining the body's resistance to be strong in warding off infection. As long as the immune system is good, then in general measles is not a dangerous condition. On the other hand, if the immune system decreases, serious complications can occur, such as pneumonia, encephalitis, and even death.

Therefore, don't delay to check your child directly to the doctor. A direct physical examination is useful to determine whether it is true that your child is experiencing measles. Because, in some cases, the symptoms of measles can be similar to other diseases even though the treatment is different, such as scarlet fever, dengue fever, atopic dermatitis, typhoid fever, Singapore flu, and so on.

At this time, you should increase your child's milk according to their needs. Breastfeeding can help keep the body's resistance from disease. In addition, also give him plenty to drink and eat nutritious foods, especially those containing vitamin A.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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