Overcoming Menstruation Is Not Normal?

Excuse me … I’m a 22-year-old woman, I menstruate smoothly and on time at the same date sometimes going forward a day / 2 days. But already 3 months every time I menstruate on the first day of day 4 smoothly but when on day 5 there was no blood at all and on day 6 blood came out at one time, then it didn’t come out anymore and only just spotted. Like this month from on June 27-June 30, the blood came out smoothly until I only had spots. Then 24h full blood does not come out on the 1st day, and on the 2nd day it comes out just a little at a time, and stops again for a day on the 3rd, then the next day it comes out again and stops again … Is it normal my menstrual cycle?

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Hello Astria, thank you for asking.

The normal menstrual cycle is in the range of 21-35 days. Normal menstrual length ranges from 2-7 days. Normal menstrual volume varies between 25-80 ml. If your period is outside these ranges, then you might experience menstrual disorders. Normal menstruation is generally a little at the beginning of menstruation, then gradually increase in volume, and decrease again gradually until completion. Menstruation that is choked out, or accompanied by minor bleeding outside the menstrual period, then it might indicate menstrual disorders.

Some conditions that may cause menstrual disorders include:

Impaired hormonal balance.
Hormone disorders other than reproductive hormones.
The effect of certain drugs.
Contraceptive effect.
Psychic stress
Physical fatigue.
Reproductive disorders such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis or uterine myomas.

You should consult an obstetrician regarding this problem. The doctor may need to do an ultrasound or hormone examination, to find the location of the problem. The treatment will be adjusted based on the examination findings.

That is my explanation. May be useful. Regards.

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