Overcoming Mosquito Bite Marks That Do Not Go Away And Tend To Spread?

Illustration of Overcoming Mosquito Bite Marks That Do Not Go Away And Tend To Spread?
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good night, I am a teenager aged 17 r n my instep there are a lot of mosquito bites which have been blackened and have not faded since childhood. started from the instep of the foot but now it goes up to the calf, there are black marks and also red spots. r nNot only that, on the inside side of my palm there are also the same mark. strangely, every time I feel itchy I find a small lump filled with water and if it is scratched to bleed. Is there a solution for me?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Regarding skin complaints that you feel in the form of lumps filled with water or called vesicles can be caused by various factors either due to an infection, inflammation, allergies, irritation, etc. infections that occur for example due to viruses such as varicella zoster virus that causes chickenpox, or herpes zoster virus which is generally characterized by symptoms of hot and itchy skin, but it can also be caused by herpes disease. Besides vesicles can also be because you have an allergy to certain ingredients so that the lesions appear on the skin, due to insect bites, or due to a long friction process on certain parts of the skin so that the lesions appear. For this reason, it is necessary to further examine the possible causes of these skin disorders to determine the appropriate treatment.

To get rid of blackened scars on the skin can be overcome in several ways including: with creams that contain vitamin E or lightening / whitening or by treatment at a dermatologist with various microdermabrasion techniques, dermabrasion, derma rollers, steroid injections, etc., get used to a healthy lifestyle with increase consumption of nuts, green vegetables, fruit, etc.

it would be nice to speed up the process of blackening the blackened skin by consulting a dermatologist because the blackened skin will require a long time to remove it. By consulting a dermatologist you can get the right treatment options.

The following information you can read to add insight on how to remove scars.

I hope this information is useful.

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