Overcoming Nerves, Joints, And Muscles Often Aches?

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Hello doc, r n r nWant to ask, my feet and hands / arms / fingers like to feel like they are pricked by needles, sometimes almost all over my body. For the legs, sometimes using trousers feels a bit painful rubbing against the fabric of the pants. The joints in the feet and hands feel stiff. Sometimes muscle spasms occur in the calves of the legs and shoulders. I had insomnia, and had difficulty sleeping plus stress. Is my illness due to stress / psychosomatic?

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Hi Ivanchan, Thank you for the question.

The nervous system regulates the sensation of feeling something on the skin. If you feel a pinching sensation, this is known as paresthesia. Apart from a prickling sensation, paresthesia can also include tingling sensation, numbness or numbness, weakness in the limbs, stiffness. Paresthesia can be divided into temporary and chronic paresthesia. Temporary paresthesia occurs when the nerves in a part of the body are temporarily compressed, such as when sitting cross-legged, or sleeping on their hands. Complaints will disappear if the emphasis is removed. Chronic paraesthesia can be caused by radiculopathy (for example due to hernia nucleus pulposus, narrowing of the spinal canal), or neuropathy (for example due to repetitive motion injuries, autoimmune disease, vitamin B deficiency, diabetes, hypothyroidism, infection, kidney problems, liver problems, etc. ).

The pain you feel against a stimulus that shouldn't be causing pain (the pants rubbing against the leg) is known as allodynia. Allodynia can be caused by migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety disorders, and others.

Please consult with a neurologist directly first. The doctor will ask your complaint and perform an examination on you. The doctor will recommend further tests such as blood tests, CT scans, MRI, or EMG to find the cause. Psychosomatic conditions will generally be considered if the cause of your complaint is not found after you have undergone several examinations. Treatment will be determined by the doctor after finding the cause.

Please do the following suggestions

improve your diet, the level of consumption of nutritious foods to meet the nutrients the body needs
get enough rest
avoid body positions that can cause stress on the limbs
manage stress well

Hope this information is helpful.

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