Overcoming Often High Blood Pressure After Giving Birth With A History Of Preeclampsia

On March 20, 2020 I gave birth by Caesarean because PE with tension 180/100 after the delivery of labor tension could go down at 120/80 but after returning from hospital my blood pressure went up and down from 160/100 to 130/90 to 140/90 and then returned to 120/80 after a week after a caesarean birth, what are the problems and how to get well, I have been controlled by the doctor and given tension-lowering drugs, and only given insights to reduce salty foods, whereas before my blood pressure was not over 120 please help so that blood pressure returns to normal

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Hello Santi,

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The situation that you are experiencing is called postpartum preeclampsia. This can occur within 48 hours after giving birth or up to 6 weeks postpartum.

Symptoms of this condition include:

TD goes up to 140/90 or more
Frequent headaches
Get tired quickly
Blurred vision
Swollen feet, and so on

Some things become risk factors for postpartum preeclampsia such as age, heredity, obesity, history of hypertension before pregnancy and so on. This situation should be immediately consulted by a doctor so that unwanted complications occur such as seizures. In this condition, antihypertensive administration is a treatment option.

In addition to administering drugs several things are done to overcome this problem:

Routinely check your blood pressure to the doctor
Eat healthy and nutritious foods, limit salt intake
Regular exercise
Maintain body shape to avoid obesity
Take medicine regularly
Avoid excessive stress

So, hopefully useful.

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