Overcoming One’s Ego?

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Hello wr.wb.rnDoc I have been married for almost 5 years, and already have 2 daughters aged 1 and 3 years.. During marriage I often feel neglected by my husband because I do not fully get the rights as a wife, during marriage rarely sleeping with my husband once, even though every time I am with my husband. if at night my husband only comes to me in the room when he wants intimacy with me only after he is done he comes out again for reasons of having to guard the shop (my shop is open 24 hours, my in-laws take care of the day) I usually take care during the day, but because I’m busy with my children, my parents-in-law take care of it. Because of that I often feel stressed, and very often cry. I’ve talked to my husband, it’s okay husband can’t accompany me to sleep every night. I also asked my husband to accompany me to sleep a full night once a week, but my husband still couldn’t. And what are the consequences, all I can think of is divorce because I can’t stand it anymore. Besides that, my husband never takes me on vacation, my work is only at home and at home.. That’s all, please answer.. Thank you, thank you wr.wb

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Hi Aini,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Marriage is actually a bond that must be based on a strong foundation, so as not to waver. It's not an easy matter. However, nothing is impossible if the two individuals who are bound by the marriage are willing to try to maintain and maintain it properly. Marriage can have various purposes, including:

Perfecting religion (for adherents of certain beliefs) Produce offspring Provide comfort and peace, including in relation to getting sexual satisfaction Protect yourself, including from unhealthy sex relationships, etc. Marriage is not only a matter of sex. However, one of the determining factors for harmony in the household is the closeness/intimacy factor and the fulfillment of the partner's biological needs, for example by having sex, sleeping together, and so on.

If you feel disturbed by your husband's habits that are reluctant to accompany you to sleep, try to invite him to discuss more. Ask what is the reason for doing this. If the reason is work, then you can maintain intimacy in other free times when your husband is not at work. But if the reason is different, then try to find the best solution together.

Suppressing each other's ego can be one of the most important factors in the survival of a marriage. No one wins or loses in marriage. Get used to always think positively, including your partner.

Try to re-align the commitment of both of you in building a family. There are many important things, including how you and your partner produce and educate successors who have good character and can be the pride of parents. So, think carefully before acting. Improve your communication with your partner. If necessary, involve other people you believe can help solve problems in your marriage, such as parents, religious leaders, psychologists, psychiatrists, and so on.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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