Overcoming Pain During Menstruation?

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Indeed, most cases of menstrual pain are a normal condition due to uterine muscle contractions that are severe enough to cause uterine cells to lack oxygen (hypoxia) and secrete a chemical substance called prostaglandin. This prostaglandin is an important function in mediating pain.

However, normal menstrual pain should only be felt in the first days of menstruation, then it will improve on its own without the need for special treatment. If you experience extreme pain, causing tightness in the gut, dizziness, and weakness, your complaints may indicate an illness, for example endometriosis, adenomyosis, myoma, pelvic inflammation, mental disorders, and so on.

Handling of menstrual pain that is very great in intensity must be adjusted to the underlying cause. If there is indeed a disease, then the treatment of anti-pain alone can indeed help relieve pain, but does not guarantee complaints do not return again in the future. Therefore, it is more appropriate if you first check yourself to the doctor or obstetrician closest to you .. To rule out any dangerous conditions, doctors will generally direct you to undergo an ultrasound examination or other supporting tests.

The uterine muscle contractions during menstruation is a natural thing to occur to release menstrual blood. Therefore, it is not appropriate for these contractions to be reduced to minimize your pain. More precisely, if you want your complaint to improve, do the following trick:

Take paracetamol and compress the painful area with warm water when the pain is intense
Just before menstruation and in the early days of menstruation, get plenty of rest, don't do excessive physical activity
Exercise regularly 1-2 days. This is believed to help reduce menstrual pain
Don't stress, worry, or panic over
Live a healthy diet, drink regularly
Do not carelessly take medication, herbs, or menstrual pain relief supplements without consulting a doctor first

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