Overcoming Pain In Decaying Teeth?

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good afternoon, I want to ask at first to the puskesmas I checked the lower left side of my teeth where my teeth hurt really, it’s been a little rubbing so the puskesmas doctor said this must be removed to the hospital, it can be removed here, given medicine from the puskesmas to get amoxcilin and paracetamol, after 3 days after the medicine I was ordered by the consul again to check the progress, when I got there my teeth were not treated, I was given more medicine, after 1 week I was again at the health center, the intention was to ask for a referral letter to the hospital but it was not made on the grounds that my gums were swollen so I could not referenced first. btw I have a BPJS but the model is a healthy Indonesian card from the government. Is it that difficult to make a referral letter to the hospital for tooth extraction? thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. We are sorry about your condition. Tooth pain can indeed be caused by various things, including:

Infection of teeth and gums Build up of plaque that causes cavities Cracked teeth Teething pressing on other teeth Abscesses or pus buildup Damaged fillings

Treatment of this condition varies depending on the severity of the cause and the results of your dentist's examination, one of which can indeed be tooth extraction. In your case, what needs to be paid attention is to be able to get insurance, there are criteria that must be met such as you have to pass the level of care starting from the lowest level first, namely the puskesmas, then referral is done if the condition you are experiencing is deemed unable to be handled in a service facility current health.

We may not be able to help much because we do not know your real condition and what the doctor who examined you is considering, but what is clear is that your doctor will not harm you by not referring to a health condition that he cannot handle. So if you are still confused about the certainty of your treatment, you have the right to ask your doctor at both the health center and the hospital, about the reasons for referring or not referring you, the reasons for providing the treatment you are receiving now, and what you can do to get well soon.

Meanwhile, what we can suggest to you is to reduce food or drink that is sour or sweet, brush your teeth regularly at least 2x a day with soft bristles, take the painkiller prescribed by reading the rules of use, rinse with warm salt water, and apply clove oil on sore teeth or gums. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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