Overcoming Painful Bubbles In The Inner Incisors?

Illustration of Overcoming Painful Bubbles In The Inner Incisors?
Illustration: Overcoming Painful Bubbles In The Inner Incisors? pennstatehershey.adam.com

Same as I want to ask inside the incisors yes they swell like a lump near my incisors and there is pain … but if the squeeze doesn’t release anything “can it be deflated … thank you

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Hi Ola,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The painful bubbles in the inner incisors that you are referring to are likely from swollen gums. This swelling of the gums can indeed cause discomfort in the mouth, namely pain, lumps, cheap bleeding, and so on. The causes can vary, among the most common, namely:

Gum cysts (fluid-filled sacs that grow on the gums)
Improper use of dentures or braces
Oral infections due to fungi, viruses, or bacteria
Experiencing disorders related to immunity, for example because of HIV / AIDS, diabetes, or the result of being undergoing chemotherapy due to cancer
Side effects of smoking or taking drugs, and so on

It could also, your gums swell as part of a deficiency of certain nutrients, especially vitamin C. This condition is often accompanied by mouth sores, chapped lips, and various other complaints.

It is difficult for us to conclude the possible originators of your complaint without conducting a direct physical examination. Therefore, you should check your complaint directly with the nearest dentist. Enough with a physical evaluation, doctors can generally determine the best treatment, for example by administering drugs, removing bubbles with special incision procedures, and so on. Or, doctors take tissue samples from these bubbles to examine the constituent cells microscopically to determine the possibility of malignancy.

In the meantime, avoid your habit of popping bubbles that appear as a result of not causing injury or irritation. Improve your oral and dental hygiene, namely by brushing your teeth and gargling with salt water regularly. Avoid the habit of poking teeth with holes or between teeth with toothpicks or other sharp objects so as not to trigger inflammation of the gums. Do not forget, clean between your teeth using dental floss properly. Also consume enough to drink, increase your intake of vitamin C, and avoid smoking or taking drugs.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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