Overcoming Preauricular Sinus In Infants?

Illustration of Overcoming Preauricular Sinus In Infants?
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Hi, my child is 9bl with an ear pit on his left ear. No smell, no infection. I only try to prevent it before infection. At birth the doctor did not say anything / examined my child even though there was an ear pit. Questions: 1. What age can take action on the ear pit? 2. Can it be operated directly? Although there is no infection yet?

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Hi Gee,

Preauricular Pit, is a form of congenital soft tissue malformation, or congenital birth. This condition can be treated by first ensuring that no other formation abnormalities are formed in the baby. You can bring the baby to be examined by a pediatrician and ENT to ensure that the hearing function is also good.

Medical procedures that can treat this preauricular pit are operative. Handling can be done on babies, if the baby is in good condition. But this is not commonly done, usually will wait until the baby becomes larger, because there is no urgency to perform these operative actions when the baby.

Surgery does not have to wait for an infection, but will consider the baby's age, weight, and baby's general health condition.

Things that need to be considered are:

Make sure the area is always clean, so there is no infection
It should also be remembered that the possibility of reappearance after surgery persists, although it is small. You can discuss this with the doctor who will treat him.
Preauricular pits do not usually require special treatment other than surgery if they are needed

Thus the explanation, hopefully it helps

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