Overcoming Prolonged Tired Eyes?

Illustration of Overcoming Prolonged Tired Eyes?
Illustration: Overcoming Prolonged Tired Eyes? nvisioncenters.com

, about a year ago I once checked an eye to the doctor because when I saw the object became shaded double like if the eyes were minus, but I said that it was not minus but many laptops (during the final assignment) then after being checked etc were given the same vitamin tablets eye drops 3 times a day in use and after 1/2 week checkup again and return to normal and clear when looking clay (check that read the letter)

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Eye fatigue is described as an eye disorder caused by long-term use of eyes without a break. Tired eye conditions can be caused by several factors, including: Driving a vehicle with long distances, staring at a computer screen or gadget in a long time, reading too long, have refraction problems eyes, see continuously in a room with minimal light and exposure to light that is too bright or dazzling.

You should consult your ophthalmologist to control the condition of your eyes, because each doctor's diagnosis depends on a direct examination and the treatment depends on the doctor who examined can be different or the same according to the indications of pain being dialmi now. because of the pain you are experiencing then the situation has diminished. do not buy drugs carelessly without a doctor's prescription because we do not know the dose to be given and the effects obtained because our body condition is different every time. for the treatment given I can not mention because it is not my authority and according to my code of ethics you should immediately see your doctor.

but I can give tips to deal with your tired eyes

 Adjusting computer screen lighting can be done with the help of filters. When doing computer activities, always make sure to keep a safe distance between the screen and the eyes, which is around 50-60. For an ideal eye distance and computer screen, use a chair that can be adjusted. Try to keep the room lighting is not too bright, so that it does not dazzle the eyes, including adjusting the direction of lighting. Be sure to always maintain the cleanliness of the computer screen so that the lighting remains ideal. When operating a computer or reading, you are encouraged to take occasional breaks from these activities. Rest every 20 minutes, then rest your eyes for at least 20 seconds. Eye fatigue can also be prevented by eye care, including compressing the eye with a cloth soaked in warm water, or using eye drops to refresh the eyes when they start feeling dry. Thus the info I can give

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