Overcoming Prolonged Vaginal Discharge Accompanied By Itching In The Vagina

Illustration of Overcoming Prolonged Vaginal Discharge Accompanied By Itching In The Vagina
Illustration: Overcoming Prolonged Vaginal Discharge Accompanied By Itching In The Vagina

I am a woman aged 20 years from the end of the month ajnuari I experienced vaginal discharge that was very itchy in the v area and then I tried to clean myself routine every day after a few weeks the vaginal discharge had subsided but it still came out just not causing itching sometimes it came out like a thick white gel with a dense foam froth and finally I chose to buy the antibiotic micronidazole I took the drug until 2 caplets turned out to have a white discharge now only comes out white liquid like milk is not thick but still a little fishy odor wlopun out rarely but it still often interfere with the doc whether this should be checked or what do you think doc? thank you

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Hello Maharani, Thank you for your question.

Leucorrhoea is a normal condition that can occur in every woman because the vaginal wall produces mucus to cleanse the vagina. However, this vaginal discharge is said to be normal if clear or slightly vaginal discharge, does not smell, does not cause itching or stinging in the genital area. Leucorrhoea that changes color to milky white, smells, and which is accompanied by a sense of failure is a characteristic of abnormal vaginal discharge. Abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused by:

fungal infections of the vagina
bacterial vaginosis (bacterial infection of the vagina due to imbalance of good bacteria in it)
sexually transmitted infections

Metronidazole is an antibiotic drug used to treat bacterial or parasitic infections. You are not recommended to use antibiotics on your own without doctor's advice because their use is not necessarily right as well as the dosage. Improper use can cause exposure to unnecessary side effects and cause bacteria to become resistant to these antibiotics.

Given these symptoms have been going on for a long time, please consult with your nearest obstetrician so that the doctor can do an examination on you, including examination of vaginal discharge, to ascertain the cause. After confirming why, the new doctor can provide treatment that is appropriate for you.

Some suggestions you can do are:

regularly change underwear
keep the genital area always clean and dry
avoid using tight pants
hundari intercourse until healed
Hopefully this information helps you.

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