Overcoming Psychological Disorders Due To Pornography Addiction?

HellornGood nightrnI am addicted to watching pornography and prolonged masturbation for 5 yearsrnBut why do I sometimes feel innocent, not ashamed, not afraid, seem brave, and have no emotions. I feel proud and feel good and normal, just because I already know my addiction and know I need treatment, I feel like I’m perfect, there’s nothing wrong with that addiction, and I live with my ego like I should act like this , acting like that, I can socialize too, but on the one hand I am active on my cellphone and on social media, and I want to do what I want without thinking about other people, can I be categorized as a psychopath? and does this have anything to do with the psychological impact of pornography? Or is it congenital? Sometimes I feel why this addiction is treated? Why is this disease treated? Because I feel like everything is fine, inside I feel that I am smart, good at making excuses, and charming, the cause I realize this is a bad response from the environment and I realize why if for example I was treated badly I would not feel sorry or guilty of injuring that person, Can it be cured? thank you very much

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Hello Dirgantara, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

In general, a psychological disorder that needs to be treated is a disorder that interferes with the functioning of a human being: work/study and socializing. Addiction to pornography or masturbation is based on the same principle. If someone watches porn or masturbates continuously until he doesn't go to class, is negligent in his work, locks himself up, then this needs to be managed further.

In a community there are certain values ​​and norms, which if not in accordance with a person's personality, can cause anxiety or depression. For example, a gay/lesbian living in a conservative community may experience anxiety or depression, the fear of having their identity known, thus affecting their daily lives. The same person is unlikely to experience the same thing if living in a liberal community that accepts different sexual preferences.

Therefore, if you feel that you are experiencing psychological pressure that prevents you from functioning properly, then you should go to a psychiatrist for further evaluation of yourself. Of course not to forget, in principle, psychiatric disorders can only be diagnosed after ruling out medical diagnoses. Some of the things that can cause a change in behavior are:

1. infection

2. head injury

3. metabolic disorders, such as hormones

4. hormone disorders

5. drug side effects

that's my answer, hope it helps

dr. Irna Cecilia

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