Overcoming Pus In The Ear Piercings Of Babies Aged 5 Months?

Illustration of Overcoming Pus In The Ear Piercings Of Babies Aged 5 Months?
Illustration: Overcoming Pus In The Ear Piercings Of Babies Aged 5 Months? cdn.cdnparenting.com

my child is 5 months old. A week ago, his ears were pierced. Until now how come it’s still red around the piercing and had issued pus. Is it normal? And how to handle it at home how? Thanks

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There is a history of piercing done by your baby (5 months) a week ago and currently complaints that the piercing area is still red and festering, so this may be caused by suboptimal treatment of piercing wounds. Contamination of germs or bacteria in the wound can occur in wounds that are less than optimal treatment, the wound is still in contact with water, the wound is not treated, the drug is not routinely taken, dust exposure or other non-hygiene conditions. These things can trigger a piercing wound to become contaminated with germs and develop pus into the wound area. So that the presence of pus is not natural and needs further treatment.

If you have undergone wound care instructions delivered by a doctor or health worker, then you have done well in your treatment efforts. However, there may be other things that can cause infection and pus. So you need to identify what are the possible triggers for the appearance of pus in your child's piercing. If one of them is still frequent contact with water, then you should avoid contact with water until the wound heals.

For treatment of piercing wounds in general, are:

 Clean the piercing wound with antiseptic Clean the wound surface from pus, with gauze and antiseptic If your child likes to be outside the house or likes to hold ears, then you need to close the wound with a sterile bandage Treat routine wounds about 2 times every day Avoid contact with water Give antibiotic ointment if necessary or according to your doctor's instructions If indeed these wounds in the next 2 days are still red and festering, then you should consult back to the doctor who did ear piercing or consult directly with your pediatrician regarding piercing wounds. The doctor will evaluate the piercing wound and plan treatments and treatments related to this wound. Expected within the next 3-4 days, piercing wounds are drier and recover soon.

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