Overcoming Red Bumps Like Boils On The Chin On Dry Type Skin?

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Hello, I am a woman aged 20. My skin is dry type, rarely acne. Lately there have been frequent red bumps (which I believe to be boils) on the chin. It keeps popping up, the pus has come out, it won’t take long to appear again. Lately, I often sleep late (around 5-6 in the morning or don’t even sleep at all the next night I just go to bed). Not yet monthly, usually around the end of the month. Is there an influence with organs as discussed in online articles, or is that normal? thank you

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Hello Celin,

A reddish rash on the skin can result from several things ranging from allergic reactions, skin infections either due to bacteria or viruses, and others. If it occurs with pus, it can be caused by a bacterial infection, if it is small it can be called acne and if it is bigger it can be known as a boil or if it is bigger it is called an abscess. To overcome this, it is necessary to confirm through direct examination by a doctor, if the cause is an infection, the doctor will give antibiotics either topical drugs or drinking antibiotics.

Strive to maintain the cleanliness of facial skin by avoiding beauty products that are not suitable for your skin condition or that contain harmful ingredients, try to clean your face, especially after using cosmetics, avoid pressing or breaking the boils so as not to cause more severe infection.

Sleep disorders experienced such as difficulty sleeping can be called insomnia where the causes themselves can vary from sleeping habits, psychological factors, physical disorders, environmental factors and others. The most common ones themselves are psychological problems such as stress, depression, anxiety and others. For that we need to find out what triggers trouble sleeping, if caused by certain habits you should immediately change it. If it is still difficult, consult a doctor to determine the cause and provide treatment either from counseling, certain therapies or medical assistance if needed.

Try to create a regular sleep schedule every day, avoid doing other activities in the bedroom, and make the bedroom as comfortable as possible so that it makes it easier for you to sleep and sleep soundly.

May be useful,

dr. Adhi P.

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