Overcoming Red Eyes And Eye Discharge Continuously?

Afternoon, I want to ask if the red eyes keep on ointment, but how many eyes do you have?

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complaints of red eyes may be caused by irritation, what ointment do you use ointment for, and is it recommended by your doctor? You should not use a good medicine for ointment without doctor's advice, because before you don't know the cause of your red eyes, and excessive popping that can appear due to several things between:

 Bacterial infection: the main characteristic of the eye that occurs due to bacterial infection is discharge greenish or grayish stools, patients with bacterial infections of the eye also experience other symptoms such as redness, itching and irritation. Bacterial infections also cause inflammation or conjunctivitis. bloated eyes: The characteristics are yellowish discharge and small bumps on the eyelids. This happens when the glands in the eyelids become blocked and become infected. blepharitis: Its main characteristics are dirt with a hard texture on the eyelids and eyelashes. Just like other causes of the eye chin, the trigger is also a bacterium that infects eyelashes and eyelids. dry eye: Usually, its characteristics are small, dry stains found at the tip of the eye when awakened. This happens when the eyes are not properly hydrated. many possible causes of red eye and rubbing that you experience, to ensure these causes must be examined directly to the doctor to ascertain the cause of your complaint so that the doctor can provide treatment according to the cause that you are experiencing, you should not use drugs without a doctor's prescription because the consequences can make you sick more severe. not all drugs that other people use are suitable for us.

There are a few tips you can do while at home:

 you can do a compress with warm water on the sick eye, don't rub your eyes, don't hurt, don't use eyedrops too often without your doctor's advice, you can use glasses when outside the house, so we can give you information

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