Overcoming Ringworm On A Child’s Neck?

Illustration of Overcoming Ringworm On A Child’s Neck?
Illustration: Overcoming Ringworm On A Child’s Neck? Bing

I want to ask the doctor why the ringworm on my sister’s neck is not healthy too, please ask for an explanation and give a solution

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Hi Son,

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Ringworm is a common term that is often used to describe a fungal infection of the skin. This ringworm can cause the appearance of a red skin rash, well-defined, circular like islands, itchy to hot, and looks more active, which is red, scaly, nodules, even peeling on the edges.

Often, the appearance of ringworm is related to poor personal hygiene. In addition, direct or indirect contact with other ringworm sufferers, decreased body resistance, skin that is often exposed to moisture and sweat, and other skin inflammations (eg due to allergies or infections) also facilitates the appearance of ringworm.

Symptoms of ringworm can also appear to resemble the symptoms of other skin diseases, such as contact dermatitis, bacterial or viral infections, neurodermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, drug eruptions, and so on.

Therefore, if your sister has symptoms of ringworm, but does not improve after treatment, it needs to be evaluated further, it is possible that her complaints arise due to other causes that resemble ringworm, but have different treatments. It is also possible, even though it is true that the cause is ringworm, healing will be hampered, for example due to inadequate treatment, impaired immunity, and poor hygiene. So, try to get him checked again by a dermatologist and gynecologist, okay?

At this point, tell your sister not to touch her ringworm so it doesn't spread further. Always take a shower regularly 2 times a day, dry the whole body well, then put on clean clothes. If you feel itchy, sprinkle some salycil powder first to relieve the itching. Avoid exchanging towels, clothes, or other personal items with other people.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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